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Being a pioneer Software Testing Company, Bil Technologies

deliver error free software with Seamless QA & Software Testing Services. Our highly experienced testing experts help our clients to establish concrete control over their product’s life cycle.

We meticulously monitor each stage of the development process, and deliver accurate product quality information. We make use of the recent testing practices and technologies to ensure that our clients get a quality product. Through our dedicated support and delivering end-to-end quality testing services and from flawless feedback, we aid in delivering solid software sustainably.

Our QA Services Process Lifecycle

We aid in delivering QA and Software testing services that range from testing performance and functionality to automation, localization, and regression more over deliver a quality product having error free software.

The development process includes the following stages

01 Planning

We initiate our testing process with project documentation review and test plan creation.

02 Design

In the design stage we conscientiously design the test cases and if required implement automation testing.

03 Implementation

In this we perform tasks like test execution, report defects, updating test cases and scripts and reporting interim tests results.

04 Stabilization

Tasks like verification of fixed defects and regression testing are performed in this phase

05 Delivery

This is the final phase of the testing. In this we execute tasks like acceptance testing, scopeVerification, deliverables check as well as reporting the final tests results.Software Testing Services Offered by Bil Technologies

In Bil Technologies , we integrate manual and automated testing processes to assure   fast releases, increase test coverage, and accelerate the process of deploying error-free software into production.

We specialize in building automation testing frameworks custom-made to the software specifics, which can speed up the testing process. Our QA testing experts help you with quality mobile testing, web application testing, website testing, and many more.

01   Automated Testing

Accelerate your testing process with our automation testing frameworks that are specifically made to achieve precise and productive results.

02 E-Commerce Testing Services

Deliver the finest experience to your customer base with our mobile and web app testing. Our UI/UX testing powered by systemic mapping and documentation makes your website more fast and secure.

03 Functional Testing Services

We use the latest automation tools and frameworks for specification-based testing to make your app meet the functional expectations of its users.

04   Localization Testing Services

Testing services are custom-made for the localized version of the product to be adaptable to meet the cultural, lingual & other requirements of a particular region.

05 Mobile App Testing Services

Test your high-performance mobile apps build across any operating system like Android, iOS, etc., and assure superior customer experience and accelerated time to the digital market.

06 Performance Testing Services

Test the scalability, speed and stability of an application and meet the expected standards of software performance with our quality performance testing services.

07 Regression Testing Services

Ensure maximum coverage with timeous detection of bugs and errors, and increase productivity and efficiency of your product/app with our regression testing services.

08    Security Testing Services

Make your software/apps reliable safe, and secured with our robust security testing services that are specially designed to identify the threats in the system and measure their potential susceptibilities.

09   Usability Testing Services

Create user-friendly, hassle-free and unique software/product with our usability testing services specifically made to test user Interfaces (UI) & User Experience (UX).

10 API Testing Services

Test your application services performance, usability, responses and other specific features with our faster automated API testing services.

Benefits of Bil Technologies QA & Testing Services

When you reach at  Bil Technologies Quality Assurance and Testing Services, you get a dedicated team of highly experienced quality engineers, testers and consultants. We deliver end-to-end testing services for web, mobile applications, and for any other software products within the required timeframe and quality product.

The benefits that you can avail with our Software Testing Services are

End-to-End Testing Solutions

Expert QA Engineers, Testers and consultants

Accelerated Time to Market

Expert Support

On-Time Service Delivery